McChrystal’s Kabul. Like Baghdad, a magnet for psychopathic killers and spies

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In assuming command of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal will have immense control over a Western military and contractor presence in the country that has turned the Afghan capital of Kabul into a “Baghdad East,” a place where psychopathic assassins, Chinese prostitute spies, and opium smugglers run rampant. And in a departure from past strategy in the war-torn country, the Obama administration is launching an “information war” in Afghanistan that will paint the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai as a beacon of democracy and stamp out any news or other information that could be seen as harmful to the U.S. war effort against Afghan insurgents who are opposed to the foreign military presence in their country… Wayne Madsen Report


Ukraine dipping into IMF funds while Soros is shorting the hryvnia

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The outgoing Bush administration, echoing the anti-Russian lobby in Washington, DC (which, not coincidentally, comprise some of the same people in the pro-Israel lobby), is condemning Russia’s Gazprom’s cut-off of natural gas to Ukraine. Gazprom maintains that Ukraine owes it $2.1 billion for past gas deliveries. Ukraine has threatened to seize gas bound for the European Union in retaliation. Russia has called the threat blackmail by Kiev against Russia and the EU nations that receive gas via pipeline from Russia via Ukraine. As with anything where billions of dollars are at at issue expect to find the hidden hands of George Soros and his ultimate bosses, the Rothschild banking family… Wayne Madsen Report

Clearstream scandal to return to haunt Sarkozy

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WMR has learned from informed sources that French President Nicolas Sarkozy will soon face renewed charges that he received illegal foreign funds through the Luxembourg banking company Clearstream. Luxembourg is a well-known tax haven that maintains strict confidentiality over banking and corporate records. Then-French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin met with the recently-retired head of French military intelligence Philippe Rondot and EADS deputy director Jean Louis Gergorin. Gergorin told de Villepin that two names on the secret list of French politicians who had Clearstream accounts — Paul de Nagy and Stéphane Bosca — were pseudonyms for Sarkozy. It was believed by French intelligence that the names came from Sarkoy’s father’s full name, Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarkösy de Nagy-Bosca… Wayne Madsen Report

Dead Cambodian police chief changed sides on human trafficking front and died in chopper crash

In AMERICA, ASIA on 12/11/2008 at 10:59 AM

WMR has learned from our Asian intelligence sources that Cambodian police chief, General Hok Lundy, who had been accused of involvement in human trafficking by the U.S. State Department in February 2006 but was awarded a medal by the FBI for his role in fighting terrorism and was praised by U.S. ambassador to Cambodia Joseph Mussomeli for his cooperation in fighting “drug trafficking and human smuggling,” had changed sides in the human, mostly child, trafficking front and was shutting down a number of facilities in Cambodia used for purposes of child prostitution. Lundy died in a helicopter crash on November 9 in Svay Rieng province in the southeast of the country. Investigators are claiming the helicopter crash, which also killed the pilot, co-pilot, and Cambodian Army General Sok Sa Em, was due to bad weather… Wayne Madsen Report

Obama faced with security problem at outset of transition process

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WMR has learned from informed U.S. intelligence sources that prospective Barack Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has an active FBI counter-intelligence file maintained on him. Emanuel’s rise to the Chief of Staff position may pose a significant security problem for President-elect Obama if the FBI insists on conducting the full background security investigation normally required for senior White House officials. Questions about Emanuel’s links to the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad, were allegedly so great that President Bill Clinton was forced to dismiss Emanuel from the White House staff in 1998. One of the FBI agents who discovered Emanuel’s dealings with Israeli intelligence was, according to our sources, the late FBI counter-terrorism Assistant Director John O’Neill… Wayne Madsen Report