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Bus Hopping in London

In BUS, EUROPE, GB / UK on 01/06/2008 at 2:07 PM

My beloved Miss Welby, today I had a nice “bus-hopping” Saturday. In order to exploit my bus pass, I was randomly getting on the first bus… passing by. The 266 took me to Hammersmith. There the 220 took me to Putney and Wandsworth, where I had never been before, then the 28 took me to Notting Hill Gate and there the 31 took me to Camden. There I had breakfast and found out that there is a waterbus on Regent Canal, which I didn’t know about. However I opted to walk 4 km along the canal to the Zoo and Little Venice, where I had a pint and walked again down to Paddington towards Kensington Gardens, where I got on the 148 to Shepherd’s Bush. I cannot imagine naming a place, and an underground station, “campo del cespuglio del pastore”. Never mind, I got on the 207 all the way up to Uxbridge. I was not impressed by Uxbridge, but I had another pint, therefore on my way back I needed the toilet badly. The bus driver apologised for being his first trip when he took the wrong way towards Greenford. I don’t see how can you take the wrong way on that route, as all you have to do is going straight on Uxbridge road, but perhaps he had a pint… One hour later I jumped off the bus in Acton and rushed to Morrison’s toilets.


Bus vs Tram…

In BUS, ITALY on 14/02/2008 at 2:50 PM

Picture: Corriere della sera
What happened today in the centre of Milan, I would call it “spectacular” if only a woman hadn’t lost her life, another one leg, and there are 25 seriously injured, among them the two drivers currently fighting for their lives in hospital. but neither of them is to blame for the fatal crash: apparently an idiot on a Porsche SUV invaded the lane reserved for public transport in a mad manoeuvre, sending the bus, whose driver desperately attempted to avoid a head-on collision with him, to head-crash the tram instead. the clever SUV driver was arrested and identified as a Swiss: he would never have dared doing something like that in his own country, but in Italy he felt at liberty… the accident particularly impressed your MW for it happened a few yards from the bus stop where I used to get off the very route 60 bus involved, when studying nearby in high school, years ago… I live abroad now, but Milan is my hometown, I miss it, and I’m sad tonight about SUVs: Stupidly Unsafe Vehicles for SuuuuuuuuuuuVs – Shameless unable, unfit, unkind, unmistakable, unpleasant, unpopular, unqualified, unrepentant, unrestrained, unruly, unscrupulous Velocists. (and polluters)