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Dollar stops being Russia’s basic reserve currency

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The US dollar is not Russia’s basic reserve currency anymore. The euro-based share of reserve assets of Russia’s Central Bank increased to the level of 47.5 percent as of January 1, 2009 and exceeded the investments in dollar assets, which made up 41.5 percent, The Vedomosti newspaper wrote. The dollar has thus lost the status of the basic reserve currency for the Russian Central Bank, the annual report, which the bank provided to the State Duma, said. In accordance with the report, about 47.5 percent of the currency assets of the Russian Central Bank were based on the euro, whereas the dollar-based assets made up 41.5 percent as of the beginning of the current year… Pravda


Turning red into green, Ferrari unveils a more competitive F1 car

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After merging with Chrysler and keeping on talks with GM to buy out Opel, Fiat automotive embarked on a new partnership with Russian AZLK Moskvich to develop this futuristic, greener prototype to replace their run down Ferraris in the Formula 1 world championship.

Millionaire’s Crisis Plan: Return to Bartering

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To help pull the world out of economic crisis, German Sterligov, one of Russia’s first multimillionaires, has swapped his valenki for polished office boots. After spending four years in a wooden hut in a forest outside Moscow, Sterligov has leased out almost an entire floor atop a skyscraper in the Moskva-City business district to launch a global barter system. Sterligov, who doesn’t watch television and rarely uses the Internet because of his Orthodox religious principles, plans to start facilitating the barter of debt and goods with his company, the Anti-Crisis Settlement and Accounting Center, by early March. The Moscow Times

Ukraine dipping into IMF funds while Soros is shorting the hryvnia

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The outgoing Bush administration, echoing the anti-Russian lobby in Washington, DC (which, not coincidentally, comprise some of the same people in the pro-Israel lobby), is condemning Russia’s Gazprom’s cut-off of natural gas to Ukraine. Gazprom maintains that Ukraine owes it $2.1 billion for past gas deliveries. Ukraine has threatened to seize gas bound for the European Union in retaliation. Russia has called the threat blackmail by Kiev against Russia and the EU nations that receive gas via pipeline from Russia via Ukraine. As with anything where billions of dollars are at at issue expect to find the hidden hands of George Soros and his ultimate bosses, the Rothschild banking family… Wayne Madsen Report

Estonian Spy Scandal Shakes NATO and EU

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For years an Estonian government official has apparently been collecting the most intimate secrets of NATO and the EU — and passing them on to the Russians. The case is a disaster for Brussels. Communications between the suspected top spy and his commanding officer seemed like a throwback to the Cold War. Investigators allege that in order to send messages to his Russian contact, Herman Simm, 61, used a converted radio which looked like a relic from yesteryear’s world of consumer electronics. But there was nothing old-fashioned about what Simm, a high-ranking official in the Estonian Defense Ministry in Tallinn, reportedly transmitted to Moscow over the years. It was the very latest intelligence information… Der Spiegel

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Epoch Times (ET): Mr. Eichelburg, what can we learn from today’s crisis?
Walter K. Eichelburg (WKE): This [crisis] is a progression of the entire economic system. Everything repeats itself. My thinking is that for every investment there is a specific time frame within a cycle, which one must recognize. If one acts at about the right time, one can make a good living. But, I must tell you that I’m not here to save the world. What I’m doing here is educating the investor. I discovered that the true problem is not the business, but the information. There is a pent-up demand for correct information and that is what I want to satisfy… Epoch Times