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EU plans stress tests for banks in Europe

In ECONOMY, EUROPE, IMF on 12/05/2009 at 6:36 AM

Europe signalled today that it will to take new steps to try to bolster confidence in its badly tainted banks after the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged it to take bolder steps to underpin the battered sector. Officials in Brussels and among European banking supervisors indicated that the EU is set to follow the lead set by Washington and carry out new “stress tests” to establish the resilience of its banks by September. The tests are expected to be carried out by individual country’s national regulators, according to common guidelines to be set by the EU’s Committee of European Banking Supervisors. “The decision was taken by EU finance ministers,” one government official in Brussels said… The Times


Ukraine dipping into IMF funds while Soros is shorting the hryvnia

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The outgoing Bush administration, echoing the anti-Russian lobby in Washington, DC (which, not coincidentally, comprise some of the same people in the pro-Israel lobby), is condemning Russia’s Gazprom’s cut-off of natural gas to Ukraine. Gazprom maintains that Ukraine owes it $2.1 billion for past gas deliveries. Ukraine has threatened to seize gas bound for the European Union in retaliation. Russia has called the threat blackmail by Kiev against Russia and the EU nations that receive gas via pipeline from Russia via Ukraine. As with anything where billions of dollars are at at issue expect to find the hidden hands of George Soros and his ultimate bosses, the Rothschild banking family… Wayne Madsen Report